Press Release

Lower Your Cheese Sodium Level With Innophos Zero Sodium Blend

Textur-Melt MM83K an innovative functional process cheese blend for cheese processors to achieve a zero sodium variety of cheese product for the health mindful consumers.

Innophos Asia Pacific is excited to announce that we have developed a zero sodium blend which allows cheese processors to significantly reduce the amount of sodium in their finished cheese products. Processed cheese products have very high nutritional value with high protein and high calcium, but generally most products have high sodium content around 1500mg/100g that is harmful for the general health of consumers.

Textur-Melt MM83K is a potassium blend with zero sodium, it could reduce sodium content by as much as 39%-55% in the end products. Textur-Melt MM83K works with on a full spectrum of processed cheese from block cheese to cheese analogs and cheese sauce.

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