Press Release

Innophos Total Solution For Prepared Meals

Textur-Bind LP993 an essential ingredient for food caterers to standardize meat quality. In addition, the solution can be used to tenderize meat to help improve the taste and meat/poultry texture for all types of prepared meals or semi cooked meals. This blend is a solution to assist food catering processors to significantly improve the yield of cut chicken parts and beef fillet.

To address the moisture loss for sliced meat and poultry, Textur-Bind LP993 prevents syneresis to avoid dry paper-like texture. As more countries move into centralized kitchen food preparation, Textur-Bind LP993 becomes an essential solution to help maintain high quality finished cook food. The solution also helps to create a texture consistency and taste profile close to fresh food preparation.

Textur-Bind LP993 is a non-aluminum, phosphate with modified starch blend providing foods with:

  • protein extraction capability
  • retention of moisture and
  • excellent bite texture

Textur-Bind LP993 works with a full spectrum of prepared meals from diced chicken, pork cubes and beef fillets.      

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