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Food Ingredient Blends

Ingredients for Bakery

Our Textur-Rise bakery products help reduce sodium while providing excellent leavening
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Ingredients for Meats

We provide ingredient blends for meat, seafood and poultry products. These blends help retain moisture and improve the texture of finished products.
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Custom Ingredient Blends

Discover our selection of custom blends to improve food and beverage quality with innovative phosphates ingredient solutions.
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Innophos Asia Pacific, located in Taicang, China, offers a complete range of food and beverage phosphates, non phosphate blends, and allergen free products for optimum texture, flavor, taste, nutritional value and shelf life.  We maintain the highest standard for product development, raw materials qualification, manufacturing process, and traceability.  

How We Add Value

Application Lab

Our fully equipped quality and application laboratories allows Innophos to offer state of the art quality control and application trials to ensure the quality and performance of our blends and of your finished products.

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Custom Solutions

Innophos Asia Pacific is the right resource for food products and ingredients in the Asia Pacific market. Let us show you how we can help build your food business with support from our local production capabilities.

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We maintain a constant focus on continuous improvement of our products, processes, and services at our manufacturing facilities in China.

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Featured Ingredient Solutions


Learn about our Textur-Rise baking ingredients that help reduce sodium while providing excellent leavening functionality.

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Learn about our various ingredient blends for meat, chicken, sausage, and ham products to help retain moisture and improve the texture.

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Learn about our ingredient blends for seafood to deliver peak flavor while retaining juices & improving texture for shrimp, clams, squid and cod filets.

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Learn about our dairy ingredient blends for fortification, protein stabilization & texture improvement in cheese and dairy beverage products.

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Learn about our specially-formulated noodle blends to optimize dough processing and increase elasticity for instant, yellow alkaline & udon noodles.

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Plant-Based Products

Learn about our specially formulated ingredient blends for plant-based food products for protein modification, mineral chelation, fortification and more.

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